Lab Grown Diamond

Natural Grown Diamonds South Africa 

Brought to you by South Africa's premier crafter of fine jewelry OgilvieGems

Who are we


They say it all starts with passion, if you don't have passion, you might as well not do it at all! 


So what is our passion: 


Psychology and Education, but not education in the sense of teacher and student, more in terms of knowledge! I believe knowledge is power, and to live without the right information or access to the right information, leads to a lifeless, dull  and boring life! 


My wife's great passion is art, drawing, dance, painting etc. Very different to mine, her minds works in incredible ways and she sees things in a light that is just new and exciting, and with creating some of the best pieces in South Africa, that is exactly what we need. 


Relationships. Our combined passion is relationships. Not people in terms of individuality, although we do love people, but relationships and seeing them succeed is truly our Passion and Calling! We want to see you make it, and if we can be part of that journey so much the better! 


So it just made sense, it just came together, as if it happened overnight and things just fell into perspective and place. I guess some things are just meant to be!

Jewelry - Something that encompasses our passion for relationships and could be our lively hood, and so OgilvieGems was born!

Our combined love for knowledge, art, design work, creativity and relationships lead to what you know and love today: 

Each new addition is brought in to add value to each couple that we have the privilege of assisting in making their dreams a reality! 

and Grown Diamonds is no different. 

My absolute love for technology, advancement, growth, information and value has led us to where we are one for the first successful companies in South Africa to bring you Quality Grown Diamonds! Why? Because she deserves it and so does your relationship! 




Cell: +27 62 086 6008