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What are grown diamonds

Grown diamonds - note: we are talking real 100% genuine diamonds - grown from a natural diamond seed have the same crystal structure, chemical composition, optical properties, and physical properties as a mined diamond: carbon atoms arranged in a cubic crystal structure. Our lab diamonds are indistinguishable from mined diamonds of equivalent quality. Meaning color for color, clarity for clarity specification for specification, they are identical to mined diamonds!

Because the growth process is similar to natural diamond growth, there are variations in color and clarity and quality criteria to grown diamonds hence, not all lab grown diamonds are colorless and flawless

Man-made diamonds are graded on the exact same criteria as mined diamonds (the Four Cs), by the same independent gemological laboratories.

Unlike cheap diamond simulants, grown diamonds have the exact same scintillation, flash, fire, and brilliance as mined diamonds. Lab diamonds do not fade or change color over time.

How is a diamond grown

By replicating the conditions within the earth in which carbon crystallizes into diamond, we are able to grow diamonds in one of the most precise and difficult manufacturing techniques that humans have ever achieved. It took almost 70 years of effort to develop the precision to grow gemstone quality diamonds.

This is done through: High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) & Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). Each process is best suited for certain sizes & colors of diamonds. 

High Pressure High Temperature

HPHT diamond growth occurs exactly as it says, in a high pressure, high temperature chamber! Small real (100% authentic) diamond seeds are placed into a growth cell and graphite is inserted on top of the diamond seeds. The chamber is heated to 1500°C and pressurized to approximately 72,000 times the pressure at sea level.

At this extreme temperature and pressure, the graphite in the growth cell is melted into liquid carbon and then carefully cooled into the strongest form of carbon: a diamond crystal.

Chemical Vapor Deposition

CVD diamond growth occurs within vacuum plasma reactors. Thin diamond plates are placed in a growth cell and hydrocarbon gas is injected into the reactor. High power microwaves break apart the molecules of the gas, and the carbon atoms precipitate onto the diamond plates, vertically growing the diamond atom by atom.

The resulting CVD diamonds are often subjected to extreme pressure to 'compress' the diamond. This additional step improves the quality of the diamond crystal, giving the diamond better color and light performance.





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