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Natural Grown Diamonds South Africa 

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Why choose grown diamonds

Grown diamonds are real diamonds - 100% authentic diamonds, grown from a natural diamond seed!  These are also known as lab created diamonds, our diamonds are 100% carbon and are chemically and optically identical to diamonds mined from the earth. These are grown by recreating the conditions underneath the Earth that result in diamond growth: pressure, heat, & carbon

They just cool

I know its probably not the "best sales" reason, but hey come on, we love our phones, our TV's our cars and all things "technologically advanced" so why not love the greatest advancement in decades. Yes that's right, diamonds!  On the second last point you will see why we say grown diamonds are the advancement of the decade - and its just so cool! 

Superior Quality & Purity

Objectively, diamonds grown above the Earth are more pure than "dirt diamonds", blasted out of the Earth with dynamite and diesel. Compared to diamonds grown in the chaos under the Earth, diamonds grown by mankind have fewer defects and less strain in the crystal structure. Quite simply, the more pure the diamond, the better, brighter, and whiter the gemstone

Guaranteed to be Free of Conflict

For the conscious consumer (and for the not  - I mean just for the decent human), a diamond’s origin matters! Our grown diamonds are guaranteed to sustainably grown in state-of-the-art facilities operated by well-compensated employees. Sourcing from only the best the world has to offer, we know exactly who we dealing with, where their factories are located and what principles treaty they stand by 

Environmentally Superior

The extraction of diamonds from the earth is fossil fuel intensive, environmentally damaging, and becoming less sustainable every year. Diamond mines are some of the largest holes ever dug in the Earth, requiring immense amounts of fossil fuels to extract the gemstones with heavy machinery. One single diamond mine to be dug in India in the coming years will require the cutting down of 492,000 trees - facts from ADA

Growing diamonds uses a fraction of that energy and does not contaminate fragile ecosystems in rivers and lakes. The growth of diamonds only requires two main ingredients: carbon & electricity. Today, the most efficient diamond producers require approximately 250kWh of electricity to grow a 1 carat diamond, which is the roughly the same amount of electricity the average US household consumes in 9 days. Furthermore, diamonds can be grown wherever renewable energy is available

Bang for your buck

Grown diamonds are priced based on their 4Cs characteristics, identical to that of mined diamonds, the difference being that grown diamonds typically retail for 40-50% less than mined diamonds of comparable size and quality, meaning you can get a bigger, better diamond for your budget by choosing grown

True Investment

Told you its cool - Yes you are investing in the future of humanity, not just your partner, but the future of the world! Yes you are a Hero! Maybe not superman, but super humanitarian!

By choosing grown diamonds as you are directly supporting research and development in cutting edge technology in categories such as:

  • Medicine 
  • Sanitation
  • Computing 
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing 
  • Material Science 
  • Renewable Energy 
  • More 

As 75% of top diamond growers are actively growing diamonds for purposes other than gemstones, yes, diamonds are used for so much more, not just a shinny ring on a finger, but could actually save your life next time you are in theater!  Those diamond growers use the revenue from the gemstones they grow to fund their R&D efforts and to expand their production capacity

So by choosing grown diamonds, you are directly supporting the development of high tech applications of diamonds such as laser lenses, surgical knives, faster charging electric vehicles, water purification devices, high pressure anvils, semi-conductors, and more


She deserves it

Lets face it, you want to give her the world, but you cant - you cant for two reasons - 1. Budget and 2. You just cant see yourself buying a object that harmed the earth! The good news is that now you can, forget about bang for your buck, forget about investment, forget about mined vs grown, just think of her, she deserves the best you can give her, and as long as she has been alive, she has dreamt of this day, this day you place this shiny rock on her hand and say your worth it! 





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